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Hello Everyone I’ve just discovered that there is a repair video out there for the MINI Cooper CVT Transmission. After viewing it I was very impressed with the step by step manor and the detail that went into the diagnosis, teardown and rebuild of the cvt transmission. Before purchasing the video I called Ben and asked him a bunch of questions. Throughout the discussion I found out why he made the video. He said the he has been getting calls form around the world, Australia and many Country’s in Europe. One person wanted to ship the car to him from the US Virgin Islands. Since many people are not in the Southern California area he made the video so that other people could learn the transmission without going through the two and a half year learning curve that he did, and then repair the transmissions in there area. He covers the ten most common problems with the transmission and how to fix it. he says soon the website will be offering the replacement parts as well. All in all If eel that it was a good investment, and I got my 04′ cooper running again. Well Done Ben!

For the link for the video click here

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The big news is now we offer financing! So we can help you get your CVT fixed soon. Also the class action law suit has been settled. If you need to put your information in you can do it here.

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Welcome to MINI Cooper CVT transmission repair. There are many many diffrent variables when it come to diagnosing a CVT transmission on a MINI. Depending on what the symptom is, is what the repair will be. At MINI Cooper CVT Transmission Repair, we take your transmission and rebuild it. There are two main problems that I’ve seen. One the Belt breaks and the car will not move in any direction. The second is that the car will not shift out of first gear, or will not go faster than 30 mph. There are other less common problems too.  If You have Questions Please feel free to give us a call at 626.963.6333 and ask for Ben